Welcome Week is coming!

Get that CSE t-shirt ready for convocation, because you’re in for an exciting time! The College of Science and Engineering is thrilled to welcome the class of 2020 to campus. We recognize that there is going to be a lot of information to absorb this week, so we thought we would give you a few tips ahead of time to help you feel ready.
Welcome Week is truly an exhilarating experience. You can feel the energy and excitement as the new class comes to campus. Here are a few helpful hints to ensure you have an amazing experience.

Be open to meeting new people. You will be joining more than 1,000 new freshman in CSE, which equates to more than 1,000 opportunities to make new friends! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and mingle with others. This includes staff and faculty. You never know where it will lead, and you might develop a friendship that could last a lifetime.

Take ownership of your experience. Many of the activities will be structured for you, but you still want to be mindful of how you manage your time. Use the resources available to you (staff members, peers, etc.) to navigate campus as smoothly as possible. This is a skill you will need to use as a student, so it’s best to just jump right in.

Be observant. You likely won’t be able to remember all of the resources mentioned, but try to take note of as many things as you comfortably can. This includes student groups, events, academic resources, building locations, and even places you might want to study or decompress.

Have fun and come curious! Welcome Week activities are designed to be an extension of your orientation experience. That being said, it’s also our chance to celebrate your arrival to campus and kickoff the academic year Gopher style! Have fun, ask questions, and honor the curiosity that brought you here.

We’ll be seeing you soon, and again, don’t forget to wear your CSE t-shirt to convocation!