Who removes my advising hold?

Registration comes up very quickly in a semester! You will likely have a hold on your record as we get closer to registration that will prevent you from enrolling in courses. It's important to know what type of hold you have, as well as the steps you need to take to have it removed.
It's difficult to believe that the semester flys by so fast, and we are already thinking about planning courses for next semester. You will likely have a hold placed on your record that will require you to meet with an advisor before you are able to register. It's important to know what type of hold you have, as well as the steps you need to take to have it removed. You can see your holds on MyU and on your APAS report:

College Advisor Approval Hold (OA): To have this hold removed, you must schedule a 30-minute appointment with your CSE academic advisor. This is an opportunity to discuss your academic performance and experience at the University of Minnesota, major and career exploration, course planning, and campus engagement. Come prepared for your advising appointment by reviewing your APAS report and Four-Year Plan for your intended major ahead of time. It also helps to come with any questions you might have written down. You may schedule an appointment by calling the front desk at 612-624-2890, visiting the front desk at Lind Hall 105, or using the online scheduling system.

Department Stamp Approval (DS): If you have been admitted to your major, you may have this hold on your record. To have this hold removed, you should contact your academic department directly and find out how they handle advising. You can find departmental contact information on the bottom of your Four-Year Plan. Be sure to check the effective date of this hold. If the date is "Spring 2020," you must have it removed prior to registering for spring semester. If it is "Fall 2020," it will not impact your spring registration.

Major Declaration Hold (MDR): To have this hold removed, you must be admitted to a major in CSE or transfer to another college at the University of Minnesota. You must meet with your college advisor to discuss your plans moving forward, as well as share how the current semester is going. Contact your advisor if you have any additional questions about your hold.

Your Spring 2020 registration queue time will appear on MyU later in October, and will be for mid-to-late November into December. 

If you have other brief questions in the meantime, please email your advisor or come to advising drop-in hours, Monday-Friday, 2p-4p in 105 Lind Hall.