CSE Fall 2020 COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

We know that as Fall 2020 gets closer, there are still a number of questions about what courses and campus life will look like in light of COVID-19. To help you plan a bit better, we've addressed frequently asked questions about fall here.

We know that as Fall 2020 gets closer, there are still a number of questions about what courses and campus life will look like in light of COVID-19. To help you plan a bit better, we've addressed frequently asked questions about fall here. Please note there will likely be changes between now and September - please watch your UMN email, the University Undergraduate COVID-19 FAQs, and this blog post for updates.

How will my Fall 2020 courses be delivered?
As of July 29, Fall 2020 plans are mostly finalized, with the understanding that changes may still be made primarily to scheduled in-person courses. Please continue to watch your  MyU dashboard, course schedule (under MyU: Academics), and UMN email for updates. Please note many courses will be available online – if your course is currently listed as online, it will likely continue as such for Fall 2020. You can find information on delivery methods here: https://onestop.umn.edu/covid-19#accord-3

Is there a way for me to take all online courses from home?
To adhere to physical distancing and public health requirements, due to limited classroom space, many Fall 2020 courses will be delivered online, and may be available from home. Some courses will have in-person components – this includes fully in-person or hybrid/blended. Some of these hybrid/blended courses may be available to complete fully online. Please contact the instructor if you have questions about that particular course.

Can I take my courses in-person instead of online? How do I change my schedule?
To maintain adequate physical distancing and keep our community safe, many University of Minnesota Fall 2020 courses will be online-only due to classroom space. While some courses may have an in-person component, you should expect the majority of your Fall 2020 courses to be online/remote.

At this point in the summer, we do not recommend making changes to your Fall 2020 course schedule unless absolutely necessary. Many Fall 2020 courses are full – if you were to drop a course and not be able to find an open seat again, we cannot guarantee being able to get back into that course.

If you ultimately choose to change your schedule, it is strongly recommended that you first reach out to your academic advisor to discuss your options and plans. We do not recommend trying to rebuild your entire schedule; instead, you can search for individual sections of the course you would like to change – preferably a section that does not have a time conflict with your other courses – and make the change via the Swap function on MyU. You can find step-by-step How-To Guides for searching for, enrolling, and swapping courses here: https://onestop.umn.edu/how-guides#accord-1

When will I get more information about fall?
Many common questions can be answered on the COVID-19 Undergraduate FAQs site here: https://sites.google.com/umn.edu/students-covid19/home  Please also continue to watch your MyU Academics tab and your UMN email, as well.

Where can I find more information about different campus services and their plans for Fall 2020 (i.e. housing, dining, health services, etc.)?
Answers to questions regarding many campus services can be found on the Undergraduate COVID-19 FAQs page here: https://sites.google.com/umn.edu/students-covid19/home. Please contact the individual office for specific questions.

Where can I find more information on campus safety measures being taken regarding COVID-19?
Information on steps campus is taking and expectations of campus community members when on-campus can be found on the Safe Campus COVID-19 webpage here: https://safe-campus.umn.edu/return-campus/university-planning-response

What about Welcome Week?
This year, Welcome Week has been expanded to Weeks of Welcome. Virtual gatherings and information sessions that will connect you to other incoming students and prepare you for your time at the University will be held over the month of August and first week of September. More information can be found here: https://ote.umn.edu/weeks-of-welcome

Please note that follow-up information from the University will come to your UMN email and MyU homepage. If you are a new incoming student, please make sure to have your UMN email set-up now (all UMN communications will come to your UMN email from this point on), and Duo access set-up by the time you arrive for classes. You can find information on setting up your UMN email here: https://it.umn.edu/services-technologies/gmailDuo information can be found here: https://it.umn.edu/services-technologies/how-tos/duo-enroll-duo-device.

Please contact your advisor if you have further questions.