Fall 2022 Student Services Announcements


Due to renovations in Lind Hall, CSE Student Services is temporarily located (until October 6, 2022) on the third floor of 10 Church Street SE, Minneapolis. Enter the south door and check in at Suite 300.


Visit our CSE Current Students webpage to find links to make appointments or get more information about CSE Student Services.

Please note, all drop-in appointments including CSE advising, career services, and study abroad will be virtual until further notice. Drop-ins are a time for students to connect with CSE staff for 5-10 minutes to discuss quick questions. For more complex questions, we encourage scheduling an appointment. Please make sure to check in to drop-ins at least 15 minutes prior to the end of the session. As these types of conversations are covered by privacy laws--FERPA--students should be in a private location when attending virtual drop-ins. 

CSE Advising virtual drop-in hours are Monday-Friday 2pm-4pm. Honors students should visit the honors website for their honors advisor's office hours.

CSE Career Services virtual drop-in hours are Monday- Friday 2pm-4pm

CSE Study Abroad virtual drop-in hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm-4pm.

CSE Student Services staff is here to support you through your undergraduate experience in CSE. Whether you want to explore course options, update your resume, study abroad, or know more about experiences in and out of the classroom, CSE Student Services is your destination for help related to your time within CSE.     


CSE Student Services

Offices temporarily located at 10 Church St. SE, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN, 55455. Use south entrance.