What Brand of Computer Should You Bring to the U?

Questions about what technology you should purchase for school? We've got the answers!
The start of the fall semester is just a couple months away! As you are planning your next year or your transition to the U, questions about computer/technology requirements for school are common. Thankfully, there are a number of resources on campus to point you in a good direction.

It is helpful to know that you can successfully complete CSE coursework using either a Mac or PC. If you have more experience with one type than the other, stick with what you are most comfortable using. The College also has a significant number computer labs for student use.

If you are purchasing a new computer for school, consider looking at the technology website through the University Bookstore. They offer information and some great discounts on your technology needs. Additionally, the Office of Information Technology has excellent resources specifically for students.

It is also helpful to ask other students their input on what type of computer they find the most helpful. If you are going to be a new-to-the-U student this fall, Orientation Leaders and Peer Leaders can also be helpful resources for this.