A Deeper Look at Departmental Advising: What advising looks like as an upper division student.

Once admitted to your major, you will work more closely with a professional staff member and/or faculty member within your major department—known as a departmental or major advisor. In this blog post, we'll break down how to connect with a departmental advisor and what areas they often assist students with.

Who is who?: How college advisors, departmental advisors, and honors advisors each fit into your college experience.

During your time as an undergraduate student, you will work with multiple advisors including a college advisor and a departmental advisor. If you are an honors student, you will also be assigned an honors advisor. In this blog post, we'll break down how to find your advisor(s)'s information, and common areas each advisor can support you with. 

Preparing for Registration

Registration is coming up quickly! Putting together your schedule doesn't have to be a chore. Use these tips, and you'll feel confident as you get ready to plan your courses.

Who removes my advising hold?

Registration comes up very quickly in a semester! You likely have a hold on your record that will prevent you from enrolling in courses for next semester. It's important to know what type of hold you have, as well as the steps you need to take to have it removed.

The Fall 2023 CSE Career Fair is coming up! Find out more, including how to prepare.

Mark your calendar! The Fall 2023 CSE Career Fair will be held Tuesday, Sept. 19 and Wednesday, Sept. 20. Nearly 250 employers are registered and eager to connect with students interested in job opportunities, co-ops, and internships. Pre-registration is not required, but is encouraged so you can research attending employers.

FAQs about CSE Academic Advising Drop-in Hours and Fall 2023 Updates

 FAQs about CSE Academic Advising Drop-in Hours and Fall 2023 Updates

Drop-in advising can be a great way to connect with an academic advisor. Check out our FAQs for how to access drop-ins, when to use them, changes to drop-in modality and more! 

University resources to help you be your best

The University is a large place with lots of options to support you in all areas - academic, well-being, involvement, and other services. Here we have compiled a list of those used most frequently by CSE students. This is certainly not an exhaustive list! Contact your advisor if you have questions about a particular resource on this list, or if you have a need not addressed by resources found here.