Should I use my one-time-only late withdrawal?

Choosing to withdraw from a course can be a difficult decision to make.

Tips for navigating spring registration

It’s hard to believe that spring registration is coming up! As you build your schedule, we thought you might appreciate a few helpful tips and resources.

How to find courses that fulfill lib eds on Schedule Builder

You have reviewed your APAS to find what remaining liberal education requirements you need. Now, how do you find classes that fulfill those requirements?

What should I do if a course is full? (i.e. course access and permission numbers)

You've built your schedule and you're ready to go! You click to submit your registration, and you get the dreaded error message that a section you want is full. Don't panic! Sometimes it happens, and we have some tips to help you manage it.

Who removes my advising hold?

Registration comes up very quickly in a semester! You will likely have a hold on your record as we get closer to registration that will prevent you from enrolling in courses. It's important to know what type of hold you have, as well as the steps you need to take to have it removed.

Graduating this semester? Make sure to check your APAS!

Graduation is coming up at the end of this semester for some of you, which means now is the time to review your APAS report. Your CSE Academic Advising team has compiled a list of some of the most common reasons degrees don't get cleared, and the steps you can take to address these issues.

Find help funding your UofM experience

Scholarships are an excellent way to help fund your education. However, understanding how scholarships work can be a bit daunting. Your CSE Academic Advising team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions we get regarding scholarships.