How to find courses that fulfill lib eds requirements

Wondering how you find classes that fulfill your remaining liberal education requirements?
First, check out APAS to determine what remaining liberal education requirements (cores, themes, and writing intensive) you need. It may also be helpful to review your four-year plan to determine if any of these courses are built into your major requirements (i.e. many CSE students take PHYS 1302W which covers both the Physical Sciences with Lab core and a lower level writing intensive requirement). 

To find courses that fulfill liberal education requirements, you can search Schedule Builder using the following steps:
1) Login to Schedule Builder
2) Select "Class Search" from the left-hand menu
3) Select "Liberal Education Requirements" from the secondary menu
4) Select the requirements you would like to search
5) Hit "Search"; this will bring up courses at the U that fulfill the requirement(s) you selected


1) Login to Schedule Builder
2) Select “Liberal Education Requirements” from the left-hand menu
3) Select a liberal education requirement you have remaining
4) You will now see a list of courses that fulfill that specific requirement

Whichever way you use to search, if you are hoping to find a double-dipper lib ed (one that fulfills both a core and a theme), make sure to review what blue tags are attached to the class(es) you are seeing. These tags will indicate what core and/or theme the course fulfills. If a course is writing intensive, it will also be noted with a blue tag. 

We recommend taking this opportunity to look for a liberal education course that you are interested in. Not sure which to choose? Connect with your peers to learn more about their experiences!  

If you have further questions, contact your CSE academic advisor or stop by drop-ins.