The nuts and bolts of repeating courses

Fall grades have been posted! If you earned any grade lower than a C- in a course, adjustments might need to be made to your spring semester schedule. Find out what steps you need to take to repeat a course.

Sure-fire ways to prepare for the career fair during winter break

While we want you to enjoy your well-earned vacation, winter break is the perfect time to get ready for the Spring 2014 Science and Engineering Career Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 10. Use this time to polish your resume and create your profile on GoldPASS.

Tips for conquering finals

Congratulations! You've survived (and hopefully thrived) another semester of your academic career! The advising team has a few tips to help you stay on top of your game during finals week.

Using your One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal

You've given it your best shot, but unfortunately it looks like you are not going to pass a course. No worries! You still have the option of using your One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal (OTO). Here are some key things to know about using your OTO.

Registration tips and resources

Registration is now upon us! As you get ready to build your spring semester schedule, your CSE advising team is here to help. We've provided some great tips to get you started.

Exploring majors

As you are starting to plan your Spring 2015 schedule, we know that this can bring about questions and concerns about choosing a major. We want you to know it's okay if you don't know exactly what major you want to pursue, and we understand that introductory college courses often lay the foundation for major exploration.

Application to the major database now open

The major application database is now available. The deadline to apply to a major during the Fall 2014 semester is Tuesday, December 30.

Preparing to meet with your advisor

Some students may be unsure about the role of their academic advisor and what topics may be discussed during an advising appointment. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for your appointment in order to ensure you make the most of your time.

OA (Office of Advising) Holds

Last week, you may have received an e-mail telling you that an hold has been placed on your account. This hold is placed on all lower-division students in the college, and will keep you from registering for spring 2015 semester courses. Your hold will be removed once you have taken the following action steps.

Important deadlines for Fall 2014

The academic advising team is excited to welcome you to campus for the Fall semester! We wanted to let you know about a couple of important deadlines as they are quickly approaching.

Transferring in summer coursework

If you took coursework over the summer at another University or College, it's important to make sure you have your official transcript with the final grade submitted to our Admissions Office as soon as it becomes available.

Spring grades and fall semester registration changes

As you receive final grades for your Spring 2014 courses, we remind you to double check your Fall registration to make sure you are still eligible for the courses you intend to take. Specifically, it is important for you to confirm that you are still meeting required pre- and co-requisites for your Fall semester courses.

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU)

Want to make a difference in the ways you and others experience the University of Minnesota?

Visit the Career Center

The Career Center for Science and Engineering is an excellent resource to use this time of year.

Registering for summer coursework

UM-Twin Cities May and summer term registration for degree-seeking students begins Tuesday, April 8.

Applying to your major

The major application database is now available for Spring 2014.

Fall 2014 OA Holds

Within the last week, you may have received an e-mail telling you that an OA Hold has been placed on your account. This hold is placed on all lower division students in the college, and will keep you from registering for Fall 2014 semester courses. Your hold will be removed once you have scheduled an appointment with your advisor.

Major Declaration Required (MDR) Hold

This week, CSE placed a Major Declaration Required (MDR) hold on some students' accounts.

Ensuring your APAS is cleared for graduation

For those of you preparing for spring 2014 graduation, the College of Science and Engineering wants to make sure your APAS degree clearance check goes smoothly at the end of the semester. Please review the following tips before considering yourself ready for degree clearance.

Research opportunities as an undergrad

Finding research opportunities may seem overwhelming, but if you take the initiative, you could end up with an experience that not only complements your academic work at the U, but also helps you explore a career in research!

Repeating a course

You may find yourself needing to repeat a course from a previous semester. We want to outline the University of Minnesota's repeat policy as well as to clarify how repeated courses are calculated into both your Cumulative and Technical GPA.

Transition to department advising

Admission to the major decisions will be sent to students the week of January 13.

Academic probation and suspension review

If you are currently on academic probation, the CSE Office of Academic Advising will review your fall semester grades once they are posted. If you do not meet the terms of your probationary period, you will be notified via email by Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, that you will be suspended and will be dropped from any future classes for which you are registered.