The nuts and bolts of repeating courses

Fall grades have been posted! If you earned any grade lower than a C- in a course, adjustments might need to be made to your spring semester schedule. Find out what steps you need to take to repeat a course.
Fall grades have been posted! That means it's time to double-check your registration to make sure you're meeting pre- and co-requisites for your upcoming spring semester courses.

Hopefully your schedule looks great and you don't need to make any changes. However, if you earned any grade lower than a C- in a fall semester course, adjustments might need to be made.

All CSE majors have some courses that must be taken sequentially (e.g. PHYS 1301 before PHYS 1302). You must earn a C- or better for a course to count toward your major requirements.

Consult your four-year plan to review all of your pre- and co-requisites. If you need to repeat a course, it's your responsibility to make the necessary adjustments to your schedule. The registration system will not do it for you. Remember that pre- and co-requisites are listed under the course prefix and number on the four-year plan.

If you wish to repeat a course at another institution, you will need to verify it is equivalent to what is offered at the University of Minnesota. The Technical Course Equivalency GuideLiberal Education Transfer Guide, and Transferology are excellent resources. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that courses you transfer in from an institution outside the University of Minnesota will not be calculated into your cumulative or technical GPA.

Finally, be aware that there are limitations to the amount of times you can repeat courses, as well as GPA considerations. It's a good idea to connect with your academic advisor about your situation. Advisors can discuss how repeating coursework will impact your overall plan.

Feel free to review the policy for repeating courses for more information, or connect with your advisor if you have additional questions.