Quick tips for major exploration

As you plan for spring registration, we know that many of you are still exploring majors. This is normal, and we want you to feel supported in the process. 
Many of you might feel like you should know exactly what you are going to major in right now, but it’s okay to be exploring. Keep in mind that major doesn’t always equal career, as many majors in CSE will help you reach similar career outcomes. To help you out, here are a few tips to aid you in your exploration.

Let your advisor know you are exploring. The earlier we know, the more we can help you build a schedule that allows you to keep your options open. We can also suggest introductory courses if you’re interested in a certain content area. It is very common for students to plan around more than one major, so don’t be afraid to talk with your advisor.

Connect with the Career Center. Career counselors can assist with connecting your values, skills, and interests to a major. They’re experts on preparing for and finding internships, co-ops, and post-grad employment, so they can guide you on your path to a career you love. They also have excellent resources to help with occupation research, cover letter and resume creation, career fair preparation, locating internships, and salary negotiation.

Engage in activities outside the classroom. The Collegiate Life office can help you find student groups and engagement activities to explore your interests outside of classes. Don’t be afraid to attend a student group meeting or an event that might be outside your comfort zone! You might find your interest piqued, which could help you in your exploration process.

Attend the CSE Exploring Majors workshops. This is an excellent opportunity to hear CSE faculty and students answer questions about majors. There is no registration required. You can find more information about the workshop locations and dates here. 

Additional Resources for major and career exploration: