Inter-college transfer helpful information

Welcome to CSE, new inter-college transfer students! Although you have been at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus for at least a semester, we know there are things in CSE that are different from the college you are transferring from, and want to provide you with helpful information to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Welcome to CSE! We are glad you are joining us as an inter-college transfer, and we hope you are excited to get started on your career in CSE.

Although you have been at the University of Minnesota for at least a semester, we know you probably still have questions about how things might work within CSE that may be different from your last college. You can find many answers in the New Student Checklist and online transfer orientation you completed/will complete as part of your transfer process, but there may be a couple things you still have questions about. We have included helpful information and links below to resources to help you navigate your time in CSE. As always, if you have further questions, feel free to contact your assigned CSE college advisor, or attend advising drop-in hours (Monday-Friday, 2p-4p, currently offered virtually).

Where do I find the CSE Four-Year Plans?
You can either pick up a hard copy at the Advising offices at 105 Lind Hall, or go online to

What courses have I completed and/or do I have left?
Please review your APAS and the CSE Four-Year Plan for your major. If you have further questions after you review these documents, please contact your academic advisor, or come to advising drop-in hours.

How do I schedule an appointment with an academic advisor?
Once you complete your orientation components and are fully admitted to CSE (the first semester you will be taking classes as a CSE student), you will be assigned a CSE college advisor.

However, in the meantime, once you have completed your online orientation, you are able to access CSE drop-in advising (5-10 minute meetings with an advisor; Monday-Friday 2p-4p, currently offered virtually. We recommend utilizing these for answers to your questions. If further assistance is needed, an advisor on-duty will refer you to helpful resources.

Do I have to meet with an academic advisor to register?
To discuss classes for your first semester in CSE, you do not need to meet with an academic advisor to register. If you would like your intended courses reviewed, you may utilize advising drop-ins.

I need to petition for an exemption to an academic policy (i.e. increased credit limit, withdraw from classes after the deadline, etc.). How do I do that in CSE?
In CSE, exemptions to university policies are reviewed by the CSE Scholastic Committee. You can learn more here:

Now that I am admitted to CSE, I want to change my major. What should I do?
As was noted in the email you received from CSE when you were accepted, students who transfer into CSE are admitted for specific programs. Thus, you should be prepared to complete the degree for which you were admitted, since changing majors is not possible. If you have questions, please contact your assigned CSE academic advisor.

Do I need to apply to my major?
If you have been admitted directly to your major, or your admission to the major is pending your current semester classes, you do not need to apply to your major. That will be done automatically as part of your admission to CSE.

If you are transferring to CSE but won’t be eligible to apply to your major until a later date, you will discuss that process with your CSE college advisor during one of your upcoming required appointments (in the first semester you are in CSE). You do not need to worry about that now.

What do I do if I might need a permission number or access to a closed course in CSE?

Who do I contact if I might need an APAS correction?
APAS corrections, if needed, can be reviewed once you are officially in CSE. You can then discuss these with an academic advisor. If you have an APAS issue that is preventing you from registering for your upcoming semester, please come to advising drop-ins to discuss your options with an on-duty advisor.

How do I get access to CSE innovation and computer labs after the start of the semester I am admitted to CSE?
You will automatically gain access to CSE labs (i.e. Anderson Innovation Labs, computer labs, etc.) in the first semester you are officially in CSE.

More helpful information and answers can be found on other posts on our Advising Blog, as well as our Advising FAQs. As always, if you have further questions, feel free to contact your assigned CSE college advisor, or attend advising drop-ins.

Again, welcome to CSE. We look forward to working with you!