FAQs about CSE Academic Advising Drop-in Hours

FAQs about CSE Academic Advising Drop-in Hours

Drop-in advising can be a great way to connect with an academic advisor. Check out our FAQs for how to access drop-ins, when to use them, and more! 

What can I accomplish during advising drop-ins?

Drop-ins are where you can have five-10-minute meetings with an on-duty CSE college academic advisor to discuss topics including, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing your APAS
  • Questions about connecting with resources
  • Questions about liberal education requirements
  • Discussing academic policy questions
  • Using your One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal


When are advising drop-ins offered?

Drop-ins for academic advising are offered Monday-Friday from 2-4pm via Zoom during the academic year. Extended drop-ins are typically offered during first day of the term.


How can I access advising drop-ins?

You can access academic advising drop-ins here. Students should sign in by 3:45pm at the latest in order to meet with an academic advisor that day.


Can I get my OA/DS/any other hold removed during drop-in advising?

No, lower division students must meet with their assigned college advisor for a required registration meeting to have their OA hold removed. Upper division students must meet with their departmental advisor to have their DS hold removed. For any other hold, please review the type of hold in MyU and follow the included instructions on how to have it removed. Instructions on how to view holds may be found here. 


What if I'm in the University Honors Program?

As the University Honors Programs has unique requirements, honors students should connect with their honors advisor directly. More information for honors students may be found here.


What if I'm an upper-division student?

If you have been admitted to your major (upper division), contacting your departmental advisor/Director of Undergraduate Studies may be more helpful with answering major-specific questions. If you have questions about resources, liberal education requirements, academic policies, or just aren't sure where to start with a question, you can always stop by drop-in advising or email your college advisor.


What if I need to meet with an advisor for longer than 5-10 minutes?

If you need a longer meeting with an advisor, you should contact your college advisor via email or check to see if they have any advising appointments open using the online scheduler. If your concerns are urgent, they may suggest that you start with drop-ins as that may get you connected with the information you need in the most timely manner. 


Questions? Stop by drop-ins or reach out to your academic advisor!