End of Semester FAQs

End of Semester FAQs

The end of the semester is quickly approaching! We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you finish your fall semester strong and to start the spring semester off on the right foot. 

I'm worried I may not pass a class, what should I do?

If you are concerned about your grade in a course, we recommend connecting with your instructor and/or TA to discuss what type of grades would be needed on your remaining coursework in order to pass the course. 

Take advantage of the University's Academic Success Centers, including tutoring, writing support, and success skills, in order to finish the semester strong. 

If you determine that passing the course is not feasible, it may be appropriate to use your One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal. A One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal may be used only once during a student's undergraduate career. It is an option for a student who is potentially failing a course, but does not have extenuating circumstances. The deadline to use your One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal for the Fall 2022 semester is December 13, 2023. More information and next steps may be found on this page under "One-time-only Late Withdrawal". 

If you are considering dropping a course, we recommend contacting One Stop to discuss any financial implications. If you are a student athlete, please contact your athletics advisor. If you are an international student, please contact ISSS if you are looking to drop below 12 credits. 


What if I failed a course/need to retake a course?

If you do not pass a required course, you will need to re-take it. Major and minor requirements must be completed with at least a C-. Liberal Education requirements may be fulfilled with a D. We strongly advise against re-taking a course that you have already passed. 

You may repeat each course one time.

  • Both grades for the course appear on the official transcript.
  • The course credits will be counted only once towards degree and program requirements.
  • Only the second enrollment for the course will count in your cumulative grade point average (GPA); however, all attempts will count in the technical grade point average (GPA).

If you do not pass a course, you will need to review your spring class schedule and the 4-year plan for your major to ensure that you are eligible of all of the courses you intend to take. Please pay particular attention to pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements. It is your responsibility to adjust your spring class schedule to ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses. If you have questions about your spring schedule, please contact your departmental advisor if you are an upper-division student or your college advisor if you are a lower-division (pre-major) student. 

What do I do if I still have a hold on my account?

You can find more information on ho to view holds on your record here. Please select the name of the Hold to see more information on how to resolve the hold.  

Where can I find information on dates and deadlines?

You can find more information on dates and deadlines on One Stop's website. We highly recommend bookmarking this page! 

What should I do if a class is closed/full?

Check out our advising blog post on how to request access to a closed/full CSE course. If you are looking to access a non-CSE course that is closed/full, add yourself to the waitlist, if applicable. If there is no waitlist option, please contact the instructor directly. If no instructor is listed, please contact the academic department. 

How can I find courses that fulfill liberal education requirements?

Check out our advising blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to find courses that fulfill liberal education requirements. 


Have a question that wasn't answered? Stop by drop-in advising or reach out to your academic advisor!