Application to the Major Outcome Information

Admission to your major is an exciting milestone in your CSE academic career. Decisions will be emailed to you soon, and the CSE Academic Advising team is here to make sure you have all the information you need to have a smooth transition.

Getting admitted to your major is an exciting milestone! That's why the CSE Academic Advising team has compiled some helpful information to make sure things go smoothly during your transition. 

If you are admitted to the major:

Be sure to watch for an email invitation to a welcome event from your department this month. It is essential that you attend the event, as you will be given important information about how your department handles advising and course access issues. It is also a great opportunity to mingle with faculty and other students in your major.

You will have a new departmental advisor to help you with academic planning moving forward. While this advisor will now be your primary point of contact, you're still welcome to stop by during CSE Academic Advising drop-in hours or contact your CSE advisor with general questions and concerns. If you’re not sure who to start with for your questions, you are welcome to start with your CSE advisor, and we can connect you to the appropriate person or office if it isn’t us.

If you have an incomplete course schedule due to waiting for an admission decision, you should reach out to your academic department as soon as you are notified that you have been admitted. They will be able to assist you with course access concerns and questions. You can find department contact information on the bottom of your four-year plan.

If you are not admitted to the major:

Unfortunately, some students will not be admitted to their first-choice major. We recognize that this can be unsettling, but we're here to help you explore your options. Maybe it means waiting a semester to apply, or developing a parallel plan major. Either way, CSE Academic Advising is here to assist you in planning your next move. Each major is unique, so exploring your options with your advisor is very important. If you are planning to change your major, it is essential to plan out your new course list for spring as soon as possible so you can update your registration and be ready when the new semester begins. Call 612-624-2890 or email your CSE advisor to schedule an appointment right away to make sure you are set to go!

Best of luck with your application, and have a restful break.